Crypto loyalty for retail

Atract, engage and retain customers in the age of Web3.


Why crypto? Why now?


Americans own crypto, with adoption rates outpacing the early internet
-Insider Intelligence

Adoption of crypto and digital assets is inevitable


of individuals are interested in entering the crypto ecosystem via rewards

Rewards bring compelling, easy entry for consumers and brands


The leading Bitcoin rewards card saw nearly 6X the average annual card spend

Crypto curiosity drives increased engagement

Define your competitive advantage with crypto

Heaps seamlessly integrates with existing loyalty programs to expand engagement and promote lasting affinity for your brand

Drive more spend and attract new customers by enabling the exchange of loyalty rewards for leading crypto assets through your existing infrastructure
Enable ongoing ways to earn additional crypto when customers shop within a curated crypto-back marketplace featuring 1,000+ stores and brands nationwide
Offer access to leading crypto assets through a learning-based platform centered around education over advocacy

Security first, security always

Safeguarded assets

Our offline cold-storage wallets use best-in-class security practices and technologies, powered by Prime Trust—a trusted digital asset infrastructure provider

Ownership of coins

Empower customers by enabling self-custody—crypto can be withdrawn to a personal wallet at any time

Industry leading security

Bank-level encryption, two-step verification and crime insurance protect against theft and breaches

Top crypto assets

Give customers choice among leading crypto assets—Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Avalanche and Litecoin

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Fortune 500 clients


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